Posted on by Elisabeth Chramer

Hey there, friend!  

Welcome to Bloom Custom Robes - the place where affordability and luxury come together for the best way to start your day. 

We’re aiming to be like your favorite mug of coffee: warm, inviting, the friend you look forward to daily with the ‘you got this, girl’ to tackle whatever lies ahead.  

Sure, sure. We were skeptical of the robe life, too. We hear you now. 

“Umm, is this really needed?” 

You bet. Bloom began as a solution to a problem. Here’s how we got started. 

From founder Elisabeth Chramer: 

“As a college student searching for ways to pay tuition, my scholarship chase let me to begin competing in the Miss America Organization, the largest provider of scholarships to young women in the world. Being backstage and in the numerous theaters areas, I was constantly cold and desperately searching for something to wear while getting ready that wouldn’t get confused with dozens of other women’s items. 

A robe was the perfect thing. 

When looking for a robe, no one offered the designs or understanding that I needed or a price I could afford.  

What’s a broke, college student to do? 

Do it herself. 

After the process of finding an affordable, beautiful robe and the way to customize it, I took it to the next pageant day and the word started spreading. Dozens of pageant friends wanted their own, too. 

It turns out that the robe I needed was needed by everyone. After the launch of a simple Facebook page, orders came in from across the country from contestants, directors, parents, and friends – which was just the beginning. 

What are we solving? The need for a better way to face the day.”  

You see, we are women on a mission to make the world a more comfortable place in which women are ready to start their day feeling fabulous.  

We’re pretty convinced that confident women are change-makers and world-shakers.  

Go do great things – we can’t wait to watch you Bloom!