You want to know a little more about us here at Bloom? Well, we’re flattered! 

Based out of Birmingham, AL with a client tribe spanning across the United States, Bloom is a brand with the goal of making each and every customer feel phenomenal.  

Oh, and we create custom robes. 

Here at Bloom, we have a firmly held belief that our clients are more than just the other end of a transaction - they become part of our Bloom family. So, like it or not, we’re going to go out of our way to make sure you feel 100% about your experience with us. 

Speaking of family, meet the team behind the designs: 

Elisabeth Chramer 

Founder and CEO 

The full-time effort behind Bloom Custom Robes, Elisabeth runs daily operations and all business aspects including order and customer acquisition, head designer, robe production, shipping, systems and web development, business to business partnerships, communications and social media, intern coordinator and recruiter, and other tasks (such as picking out the perfect Pandora music station). 





Valerie Chramer 

Advisor and CFO 

Supporting the efforts of the founder is Valerie Chramer, allowing Bloom to become the trusted brand it is. 

In addition to production, designing, and communications, Valerie brings expertise in financial, legal, production, and general operations. She also brings Ruby, the Bloom puppy, to bring joy and kisses throughout the day.